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Our Story

Netcalcs is an innovative West Australian company helping both local and international companies by developing software applications to solve complex math and data analytics problems in the cloud. We deploy our solution as user friendly web and mobile applications.


Our Vision

Help clients with end to end digital innovation



We combine the world’s leading computational technologies, including MATLAB, Python, C#, Fortran, C, etc. with Amazon Web Services to deliver robust and scalable cloud based applications.



Protect your Assets


Developing bespoke solutions to complex analytical problems requires a substantial investment. Once developed, these solutions can be extremely valuable company assets, giving your business a competitive advantage. A key challenge for a business is how to share these solutions among employees and clients, while maintaining control and ownership. With traditional desktop applications and spread sheets, your intellectual property is impossible to protect. When an employee leaves your business, they take your assets with them.

With the Netcalcs cloud based approach, calculations are performed on a secure server which users access via a standard web browser. We provide you with the tools to control access and monitor usage. The algorithms that perform the calculation cannot be seen or edited by the user. Therefore, the intellectual property behind the algorithm remains completely secure. With Netcalcs, you can invest in your capability with confidence knowing your investment is protected.


Enhance QA/QC

The content and functions in desktop applications can in many situations be changed and edited. As different versions of a an application permeate an organization, it becomes difficult to ensure that employees are using up-to-date error free versions; quality assurance and quality control become difficult to manage. With a web based approach if an error or bug is found in an application it can be fixed in one place and all users instantly access the most up to date version. There are no more adhoc edits and your QA process can be strictly enforced.


Access the power of the cloud

Netcalcs computational cloud solutions offer many additional advantages. As long as employees have internet access, they can work from anywhere and on any device (even run a complex simulation on a smart phone). This flexibility positively affects knowledge workers’ work-life balance and productivity. Cloud solutions increase collaboration by allowing employees to immediately access the latest version of a simulation and give you access to virtually unlimited computing power. We are at the beginning of the computation cloud revolution. Netclacs will ensure you are on board now for the journey ahead.





We have extensive expertise across a range of computational fields and because our technology stack accesses highly optimized pre-built computational libraries, we don’t reinvent the wheel. This means we can rapidly develop solutions to a range of complex computational problems including finite element modelling, differential equations, optimization, machine learning, statistics, data manipulation, visualization and more. In one instance we developed a web based application that ran in under 5 seconds to replace an existing application that took more than 12 hours! We can also use existing algorithms written in a range of languages (MATLAB, Python, R, Fortran, C+, C#, Java, etc.) without recoding.



We are passionate about using technology to solve complex problems more efficiently and put this at the heart of everything we do. Our web based interfaces simplify model input, streamline workflow, automate documentation tasks (online and offline) and facilitate collaboration. In one example we developed a solution that allowed engineers to run hundreds of simulations in the same time an existing application took to run a single case. This effectively condensed a couple of days of analysis and documentation into a few seconds. This allowed a whole range of potential solutions to be explored that would have not previously been possible. The right analysis tools power innovation.



We have extensive experiences in architecting on the Amazon Web Services platform, the world’s leading cloud computing provider. We are able to setup and maintain secure, scalable and highly available (across multiple availability zones) applications and data bases. We provide you with simple tools to control access to your applications and monitor their use. Cloud computing offers a whole range of advantages over on-premise applications. However, we understand that not every business is ready for the cloud. We can also provide everything you need to run your applications on your infrastructure.



We understand that technical solutions are just one component of long term project success and that all organisations are unique. Some companies want to be in control of their core computational procedures. During project delivery we aim to establish relationships in a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing with key members of your staff so they are fully informed around all components of the system. Other companies may not be interested in the detail and just want us to build them a system that works and know that we are nearby for the long haul if their needs change. We are committed to the long term success of the solutions we deliver. 



MATLAB Deployed – Design of subsea infrastructure using massively scalable cloud based applications

Many engineers love MATLAB for its powerful computational functions and user friendly interface, but mistakenly believe that it is not suitable for large scale deployment. We have developed a multi-tiered system for deploying MATLAB at virtually infinite scale on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system can run across one or 100,000 virtual machines, meaning it can scale to handle the computational demands of many users or large parallel parametric studies.

Datamap – “Dropbox on a map”

Datamap by Netcalcs is a revolutionary new web based platform that makes geotechnical data more freely available and easier to share and use.

Described as ‘Dropbox on a map’, this user-friendly technical solution to a common problem is exciting interest from international research and industry bodies alike and is already being used in 48 countries worldwide.

LAP –  A stunningly simple solution to a complex mathematical problem

Offshore oil and gas infrastructures, bridges and wind turbines are just some examples of structures that rely on well-designed pile foundation for stability. Due to the critical role pile foundations play in ensuring structural stability, most countries enforce strict and standardised codes to protect human life.



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