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Design of subsea infrastructure using massively scalable cloud based

Cloud technologies can radically improve traditional engineering design procedures, allowing engineers to focus on the innovative and creative aspects of their work, while the tasks of preparing, executing and documenting calculations becomes near-instantaneous and more easily QA’d. More critically – this
technology allows rapid and rigorous optimization in design.

Netcalcs developed a robust suite of applications for the design of offshore infrastructure. The applications use a range of computational techniques including non-linear finite element analysis, solutions to partial differential equations and numerical optimisation. These solutions were developed extremely efficiently using pre-built MATLAB computational routines. Many engineers love MATLAB for its powerful computational functions and user friendly interface, but mistakenly believe that it is not suitable for large scale deployment. We have developed a multi-tiered system for deploying MATLAB at virtually infinite scale on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The system can run across one or 100,000 virtual machines, meaning it can scale to handle the computational demands of many users or large parallel parametric studies.

Our solution has been used many thousands of times on some of the largest offshore projects in the world and has resulted in demonstrably better design outcomes, achieved more quick!

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